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About Guatemala

Guatemala is the Heart of the Mayan World, mostly mountainous, except in coastal areas with a warm tropical weather and moderate in the highlands region.

Known as the land of eternal spring, has a great natural beauty, ancient cultural richness, diversity of cultures, places ecological, recreational and religious, but his pride is its people industrious and friendly, that welcomes visitors with open arms and with a warm smile.


  Meet and Visit Guatemala 

Guatemala, who lives in a new land, under the bright sunshine is a homeland with perfect lakes, mountains and valleys tend green hammocks volcano through volcano. Guatemala, strong like the trunk of a majestic Ceiba, as dominant as your volcanoes, is like honey among your colorful flowers, warrior as determining your people. Between your volcanoes, find gemstones that will bring health to our soils; adventuress as a mountain troll and free and sovereign as the Quetzal

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